Research conducted by the Centre for Policy Studies found that Cambodia imports between 200 to 400 tonnes of vegetables daily from neighboring countries, and USD $150 million- $250 million are spent annually on vegetable imports from Vietnam, Thailand and China.

However, the rise of Cambodia’s middle class and a booming service and tourist industry has resulted in an increasing demand for safe, local fruits and vegetables.

While there are already several projects and groups working to improve the vegetables sector in Cambodia, however, they are often localized and operate in isolation. Local production is often inconsistent and is not able to compete with Cambodia’s neighbouring countries. This has prevented the country from realizing its full potential in vegetable production.

The Working Group is aligning existing projects in the value chain to benefit the sector. It is also looking to improve training for farmers and marketing of Cambodian produce to increase the value for smallholders.



Khmer Organic Cooperative (lead)

East-West Seed (lead)

SOMA Group

Department of Agricultural Legislation (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries)

Green Leaf Farm

Agency Franyaise de Development

Cambodia Institute for Research and Development (GIRD)

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Farmer Nature Net (FNN)

Green Fresh Market

Cambodian Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA)

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